Lawson Store 100 "Mecha Egg Sandwich"
Egg feeling is amazing

At Lawson Store 100, we have put together a list of new products for April that will be released every Wednesday! Check out the hot lineup of sandwiches with plenty of eggs, cupcakes, and the new popular "Ingredients" rice ball series.

● Released on April 1st
"Mechatamago Sandwich" 216 yen (tax included, same below)

Lawson Store 100 "Mecha Egg Sandwich"
Mecha egg sandwich

A sandwich filled with boiled eggs and egg salad. Emphasis is placed on handmade feeling, and the fragrance is added by using bread with ears.

"Karaage coppe" 214 yen "Children's lunch style coppe" 157 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Karaage Koppe" "Kids Lunch Style Koppe"
Karaage coppe (top), kid's lunch style coppe (bottom)

"Karaage Koppe" is a hearty koppe-pan sandwich with fried chicken seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce and crispy cabbage sandwiched. On the other hand, "Children's lunch style coppe" has the image of a children's lunch plate, and Napolitan, sausages, and meatballs are sandwiched. Even adults sometimes want to have a children's lunch. In such a case, pick it up.

"VL Ham Mayo & Egg Bread" 108 yen "VL Chicken Curry & Corn Mayo Bread" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "VL Ham Mayo & Egg Bread" "VL Chicken Curry & Corn Mayo Bread"
VL Ham Mayo & Egg Bread (Top), VL Chicken Curry & Corn Mayo Bread (Bottom)

"VL Ham Mayo & Egg Bread" is a side dish bread that you can enjoy two types of ham mayonnaise with black pepper and mellow egg salad. On the other hand, "VL Chicken Curry & Corn Mayonnaise" is a delicatessen bread that you can enjoy two flavors: spicy curry with chicken and mellow corn mayonnaise.

● Released on April 8
"Oyster rice ball (edamame)" 108 yen * Renewal release

Lawson Store 100 "Oyster rice balls (edamame)"
Oyster rice balls (edamame)

The popular "Gourmet Rice Ball" series. Among them, "Kakiage Onigiri" is the originator of "Gourmet Onigiri" and has been on sale for 10 years, but it is still a popular product that sells about 100,000 pieces every month. The taste and ingredients of the sauce are changed little by little every season to provide a timeless taste. This time, the kakiage is "with edamame".

"VL Triangular Danish (whipped & custard)" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "VL Triangular Danish (Whipped & Custard)"
VL Triangular Danish (Whipped & Custard)

A sweet bread filled with whipped cream and custard cream in a large triangular Danish pastry with plenty of eggs. Danish pastry is sugared like melon bread to give it a crispy texture.

"Taste rare cheese" 192 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Taste Rare Cheese"
Taste rare cheese

Cup sweets with strawberry sauce and whipped cream added to the sour rare cheese mousse. You can also enjoy the texture with toppings of crunch and almonds.

"Mont Blanc with astringent chestnuts" 192 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Mont Blanc with astringent chestnuts"
Mont Blanc with astringent chestnuts

Cup sweets made by layering marron mousse, crunch, sponge, and whipped cream on a low-sweetness marron cream and topped with astringent chestnuts. It is Mont Blanc with an adult taste.

● Released on April 15
"VL Matcha Marble Sand Cake" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "VL Matcha Marble Sand Cake"
VL Matcha Marble Sand Cake

A sandwich cake made with matcha cream sandwiched between two layers of matcha cake baked in a marble pattern. The fragrant matcha cream is refreshing.

"VL Strawberry Marble Steamed Cake" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "VL Strawberry Marble Steamed Cake"
VL Strawberry Marble Steamed Cake

A steamed cake with a moist texture, in which strawberry dough and milk dough are marbled. There is a sweet and sour strawberry jam underneath, which is an accent to the taste. * Product specifications vary depending on the area.

● Released on April 22
"Fried rice balls (ginger sauce)" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "fried rice balls (ginger sauce)"
Fried rice balls (ginger sauce)

A new flavor has been added to the hearty "Karaage Onigiri" with a whole fried chicken on it. The juicy fried chicken is mixed with a ginger-grilled sauce and placed on a rice ball seasoned with a soy sauce base. The combination of fried chicken and grilled ginger goes perfectly with rice.

"Big two-color Daifuku (Hyuganatsu, bean paste) 2 pieces" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Big two-color Daifuku (Hyuganatsu, bean paste) 2 pieces"
Two huge two-color Daifuku (Hyuganatsu, red bean paste)

The "Big Two-Color Daifuku" series contains two types of "surprisingly large" Daifuku. In this season, which is heading toward early summer, a set of Daifuku wrapped in refreshing bean paste using "Hyuganatsu" and Daifuku bean paste will appear. Daifuku is crisp and does not interfere with the refreshingness of Hyuganatsu bean paste.

● Released on April 29
"Cut roll cake (pudding cream) 5 pieces" 108 yen

Lawson Store 100 "Cut roll cake (pudding cream) 5 pieces"
5 pieces of cut roll cake (pudding cream)

A new flavor of "cut roll cake" that can be shared and eaten in 5 pieces. The moist sponge dough is finished with pudding-flavored cream and bittersweet caramel sauce. When you eat a bite, the rich taste spreads in your mouth.