Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
A hearty feast of koppe-pan!

“Bread Tajima,” a specialty store for koppe-pan that can be lined up even on weekdays, is a store that focuses on “freshly baked, fried, and freshly made”. After ordering, they will stuff the ingredients to finish the koppe-pan and serve it fresh.

Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
Bread Tajima Tsunashima store

The menu is roughly divided into three types of bread: side dish-based koppe-pan, sweet-based koppe-pan, and fried bread.

◆ More than 30 kinds of menu

From standard ingredients such as "Tsubuan Margarine", "Condensed Milk" and "Egg", there are a variety of creative koppe-pans such as "Raw Caramel Chocolate Chip", "Karaage Tartar Sauce" and "Naporitan Dog".

Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
I want to find a favorite

This time, I bought "ham egg" (300 yen) and "corned beef potato" (350 yen) from the side dish, and "Tsubuan Uji matcha cream" (240 yen) from the sweet type.

Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
From the left, ham egg, red bean paste, Uji matcha cream, corned beef potato

◆ What is the taste?

First of all, the bread is very good . The surface is crisp and fragrant, and the inside is fluffy! It has a pleasant elasticity, and the more you chew it, the softer the sweetness exudes.

Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
Bread is good and ingredients are good

Ham egg is a sandwich of egg salad and two large hams. The crispy texture of the coarsely crushed white meat, the richness of the smooth mayonnaise wrapping the yolk of the egg white, and the umami of the moist ham overflow with each bite. Good ...!

Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
Smooth, ham egg

Next is corned beef potatoes, a popular side dish. Corned beef has a rather quirky taste, but the spiciness of coarsely ground pepper, mellow mayonnaise, and the sweetness of fluffy potatoes make it an insanely well-balanced "salty taste." Moreover, it is also excellent in eating quality. This will repeat ...

Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
Corned beef potatoes that loosen

The last is sweet koppe bread and mashed bean paste Uji matcha cream. The moment I bite into this, I broke down. Umugi.

Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
Fluffy rich! Tsubuan Uji Matcha Cream

Matcha cream is fluffy but very rich! It has a good fragrance, moderate bitterness and astringency, and a rich umami that spreads firmly in the mouth. And the modest sweetness of the bean paste that snuggles up to this doubles the deliciousness of Japanese bean paste. It's a great dessert rather than bread.

Koppe-pan specialty store "Bread Tajima"
it was delicious…

In addition to the regular menu, seasonal koppe-pan is also on sale. Tajima of bread that you can enjoy no matter how many times you visit. Please try to find your favorite koppe bread!