7-ELEVEN "Morning 7-ELEVEN"
A great breakfast set for 200 yen! (All image sources are official websites)

At each 7-ELEVEN store, a special service "Morning 7-ELEVEN" will be offered for a limited time from October 1st to 17th. Limited to 4am to 11am.

This means that one of the 7-ELEVEN Cafe (regular size) and 12 types of bread will cost 200 yen (tax included, same below) as a set. 7-ELEVEN Cafe L size will be 250 yen. Any combination is possible.

7-ELEVEN "Morning 7-ELEVEN"

The target bread and regular price are the following 12 types. * Handling status may vary depending on the region and store.

Koppe-pan (strawberry jam & margarine) 118 yen Koppe-pan (bean paste & margarine) 118 yen Soft muffin (curry & egg) 118 yen Soft muffin (tamago & potato salad) 118 yen A refreshing texture! Melon bread 118 yen Double chocolate croissant 138 yen Croquette bread with rich and delicious sauce 128 yen Discerning European curry bread 128 yen Condensed milk milk cream scented France 118 yen Chopped bread (crushed chocolate) 128 yen Arabiki sausage dog 138 yen Crushed corn stick 138 yen