McDonald's hamburger

The "hamburger" is sold at McDonald's. It is a simple menu item that can be eaten for 100 yen including tax, but there is a way to order it and enjoy it with a different taste.

It is called the "salt burger. All you have to do is tell the waiter, "Please leave out the ketchup and mustard (or leave out everything except the patty and onions ).

This burger is rumored to be popular as a "makanai-meshi" (a meal that is prepared without ketchup and mustard). By skipping the ketchup and mustard, you can "enjoy the taste of the ingredients".... I was curious, so I actually tried it.

Salt burger that can be ordered at McDonald's
Now that's a salt burger!

McDonald's "Salt Burger"

It certainly has a simple taste with a stronger patty flavor than a regular hamburger. The saltiness is also moderate. For better or worse, the lack of kudos makes it feel a little less like junk food.

Salt burger that can be ordered at McDonald's
You can leave out more pickles and onions if you like.

While this may be a good still leaves something to be desired overall. However, the lighter flavor certainly makes it easier to eat. I would recommend this burger to those who feel that regular burgers are too rich in flavor, or those who don't like the acidity or sweetness of ketchup.

McDonald's hamburger
Maybe good for an occasional try?

Personally, I feel that the salt burger would be more complete if it were tried in a "double cheeseburger" with the added richness of cheese instead of a regular hamburger. Why not give it a try when you are tired of the usual burger?