Mos Burger "Superb Hamburger Sandwich [Scented Bacon & Creamy Potato]"
Turn on smoked bacon and Hokuhoku potatoes in the hamburger steak!

At each Mos Burger store, the premium gourmet burger "Tobikiri Hamburger Sandwich [Kaoru Bacon & Creamy Potato]" will be on sale on November 21st (excluding some stores). Limited time until early February 2018.

"Tobikiri Hamburger Sandwich" is a popular series that has been loved since its debut in 2008. The hamburger patty made from 100% domestically produced meat (ground pork and beef) is a hamburger that is plump and juicy with a different manufacturing method and weighs about 1.5 times as much.

This new product is made by sandwiching Italian pork with bacon smoked with cherry and chestnut blend chips and mashed potatoes creamy with domestic cream and butter in buns. It is simply seasoned with fried onion saute and Japanese sauce. The price is 580 yen (tax included, same below).

At the same time, "Extraordinary hamburger sandwich [fragrant bacon & creamy potato] with sliced cheese" with sliced cheese will be on sale. The price is 610 yen.