FamilyMart "Flame Spicy Mapo Tofu Man"
It looks painful to see

From November 1st, FamilyMart, Circle K, and Sunkus will hold a "Flame Gourmet Fair" in collaboration with Netflix's original drama "Blazing Transfer Student REBORN." Seven spicy menu items with the image of "flame" will appear (excluding some stores and areas).

First, the product with a spiciness level of "1" "Pizza toast with flames-with chorizo and red pepper-" (158 yen, tax included, same below). A pizza toast made by combining salsa sauce with jalapeno and chorizo.

FamilyMart "Flame Pizza Toast-with Chorizo & Red Pepper-"
Flame pizza toast

Next, the spiciness level is "2", "Flame red tantan-style fried noodles-stir-fried with pepper oil and chili oil-" (480 yen) and "Korean flavored seaweed flame menta kimchi-spicy after habanero" (130) Circle).

The flame red tantan-style fried noodles are a combination of spicy noodles fried in chili oil and pepper oil, a nice texture of Zha cai, and meat shavings with bamboo shoots added. On the other hand, Korean-flavored seaweed flame menta kimchi is a rice ball wrapped with mentaiko and kimchi with habanero powder. It is wrapped in Korean-flavored seaweed.

FamilyMart "Flame Red Dandan Noodles-Stir-fried Sichuan Pepper Oil and Chili Oil-"
Flame red tantan-style fried noodles

FamilyMart "Korean-flavored seaweed flame kimchi-spicy after habanero-"
Korean flavored seaweed flame kimchi

Next, the spiciness level is "3", "Flame Red Miso Soup-Chili Spicy Sauce Tailoring-" (398 yen) and "Flame Spicy Miso Ramen-Chilli & Sansho" (540 yen).

The red miso soup of flame is a spicy soup made by adding pork, kikurage, cabbage, carrots, leeks, and sprouts to the miso soup that has the spiciness and taste of chili peppers. On the other hand, the spicy miso ramen of flame is a combination of the spiciness of chili pepper and the numbing spiciness of Japanese pepper. It is topped with char siu, bean sprouts, green onions, gray onions, and chili peppers.

FamilyMart "Flame Red Miso Soup-Chili Pepper Sauce-"
Flame red miso soup

FamilyMart "Flame Spicy Miso Ramen-with Chili & Sansho-"
Flame spicy miso ramen

Finally, the spiciness level is "4", "Flame Mapo Rice (fried rice & white rice) -Doubanjiang and Chinese pepper spiciness & attached chili oil-" (498 yen). It is a plate that combines fried rice and white rice with mapo tofu, which is a mixture of spiciness and deliciousness, made with doubanjiang and Chinese pepper.

Family Mart "Fried Mapo Rice (Fried Rice & White Rice) -Spicy Doubanjiang and Sichuan Pepper & Attached Chili Oil-"
Mapo tofu rice (fried rice & white rice)

And the highest spiciness level is "5", "Flame's super spicy mapo tofu bun-the richness of doubanjiang and the spiciness of Chinese pepper-" (130 yen). Doubanjiang with strong spiciness and Doubanjiang with deep richness and mellow spiciness, with mapo tofu using two types. It seems that the meat is spicy and addictive.

FamilyMart "Flame Spicy Mapo Tofu Man-The Richness of Doubanjiang and the Numbing Spicy of Hua Jiao"
Spicy mapo tofu bun with flames

The last boss may be out of tune with the meat bun, but this seems to be quite painful! I remember that FamilyMart had sold "Super Spicy Sichuan Mapo Tofu Man " before, and it was really spicy ... Please be prepared for it!