"Giant Dream Pocky" bought at Glico Pia East
Just a dream candy

When I went to the factory tour of Glico Pia East, I found a unique product at the shop, so I bought it. Its name is "Giant Dream Pocky". The price is 1,296 yen (tax included).

Products sold at Glico Pia East stores

Giant Dream Pocky

"Giant Dream Pocky" is a set packed with big size Pocky. There are 5 flavors: chocolate, matcha, mashed strawberry, grape, and melon. Contains 20 in total. It is a popular product that is always ranked in the top 3 in the top-selling ranking of shops.

"Giant Dream Pocky" with big size Pocky
"Giant Dream Pocky"

This product is giant in length and thickness compared to general Pocky. When I measured it with a ruler, it was about 18 cm. The cookie dough is also thick, so when you pick it up, you feel like you're shaking it with a magic wand.

5 types of "Giant Dream Pocky"

A photo comparing "Giant Dream Pocky" with a smartphone
Larger than a smartphone


First of all, start with standard chocolate and eat it. I put it in my backpack on a day with strong sunlight and took it home, so it's a little melted, but I don't care. The cookie dough is crunchy and fragrant, and it is excellent for eating. I usually like to eat extra-fine food, but thick Pocky is also quite good. My childhood dream of "I want to eat a bigger Pocky at once!" Has come true.

"Giant Dream Pocky" chocolate


Next is matcha. The balance between bittersweetness and sweetness is just right. It is finished in a stable and delicious taste.

Matcha from "Giant Dream Pocky"
Matcha flavor that is also popular overseas

Crushed strawberry

Crushed strawberries are a flavor with sweet and sour and tiny grain accents. The exquisite acidity that can be felt from this red crushed part is irresistible.

"Giant Dream Pocky" crushed strawberries
I used to eat this taste when I was a student


Grape is one that you can enjoy the rich sweetness. It's my first time to eat grape pocky, but it's pretty good. It's a taste that children seem to like.

"Giant Dream Pocky" grapes
THE Grape-flavored sweets


Melon has a tropical flavor. I think it tastes like candy, but the chocolate is chilly, so it doesn't feel very cheap. Isn't the addictive type of taste addictive?

"Giant Dream Pocky" Orange
A little unusual

In addition to the Glico Pia East store, "Giant Dream Pocky" is sold at "Guriko Ya", service areas, and airports. It will be appreciated as a gift or present for the event, or as a Japanese souvenir for foreigners.