Limited design "Pocky" that changes when you put it in the freezer

"Let's get closer with frozen Pocky! Icebreaker Pocky Campaign" will be held at Ezaki Glico. Limited design Pocky will be on sale from June 15th.

Frozen Pocky

Frozen Pocky is 1.3 to 1.9 times harder than room temperature when frozen in the freezer, and you can enjoy a crispy texture and a light sound.

The limited-edition Pocky uses temperature-indicating ink that makes the color stand out when the temperature changes, and you can enjoy the change in the pattern when you put it in the freezer and cool it.

Also, on the back of the package, there is a mystery solving problem entitled "Let's work together to solve the mystery! ICE BREAK Challenge", and when you freeze it, hints will come out.

You can take a picture of the QR code printed on the back of the package with your smartphone and display the campaign site to challenge a deeper mystery. The problems on the site are supervised by "Kuroneko Cube", which plans and produces real mystery solving games, and some of them are difficult to solve without cooperation with someone.

Limited design "Pocky" that changes when you put it in the freezer

In addition, from June 15th, a "receipt application campaign to win cool and fun goods" will be held. If you take a picture of the receipt of the purchase of the Pocky that is the target of the campaign and upload it to the campaign application page, you will receive a lottery of "Frozen Pocky" and a set of 2 original gel tumblers that keep your drink cold. In addition, everyone who has registered a receipt can get the original wallpaper.