"The Bears' School" design "Pocky chocolate [9 bags]" "Strawberry Pocky [9 bags]"

The picture book character "The Bears' School" and Ezaki Glico "Pocky" collaborate for the first time. "Pocky Chocolate [9 bags]" and "Strawberry Pocky [9 bags]" designed by "Kuma no Gakko" are on sale at supermarkets, mass retailers, drug stores, etc. nationwide from December 14th.

"The Bears' School" design "Pocky chocolate [9 bags]"

"The Bears' School" design "Strawberry Pocky [9 bags]"

A cute package with illustrations of the main character Jackie and his friend David. The illustrations of two animals skating together or riding a reindeer and having a good time in winter are perfect for the coming season.

If you read the two-dimensional code printed on the individual wrapping with your smartphone or tablet, you can take a picture using the AR filter of "The Bears' School". You can enjoy different design filters for "Pocky Chocolate [9 bags]" and "Strawberry Pocky [9 bags]".

"The Bears' School" design "Pocky chocolate [9 bags]" "Strawberry Pocky [9 bags]" AR filter

The Bears' School

A picture book about 11 gentle brothers, bears, and a mischievous bear girl, Jackie, who are nothing but warm days. The first picture book "The Bears' School" was published in 2002, and now the series has a cumulative circulation of over 2.22 million. It has become a character that is widely loved by adults and children not only in Japan but also overseas.