Ezaki Glico "Salted Vanilla Pocky" and "Coconut Pocky

Ezaki Glico will release limited quantities of "Salted Vanilla Pocky" and "Coconut Pocky" as summer-only products on May 10. Prices are open.

Salted Vanilla Pocky

The summery flavors are introduced in hopes that people can easily enjoy the summer spirit with family and friends, even during days when going out is often restricted and it is difficult to fully enjoy the summer. The new "Salted Vanilla" flavor offers the sweet and gentle aroma of vanilla from white chocolate made with Madagascar vanilla. The combination of whole-grain pretzels and the subtle saltiness of the accents provide a refreshing sweetness. Made with vanilla flavoring from Madagascar (0.1% of product).

Ezaki Glico "Salted Vanilla Pocky

Coconut Pocky

Coconut Pocky" is a long-selling product that has been on the market since 1995, mainly during the summer season. It offers the gentle sweetness of coconut and a pleasant crunchy texture. This time, it has been renewed as a whole grain pretzel kneaded with coconut powder. Combined with the chocolate topped with coconut, the coconut flavor can be enjoyed until the very last bite.

Ezaki Glico "Coconut Pocky

The packaging has a crafty design with an illustration of vanilla and coconut in the center. It can be placed next to the interior at home or carried in a bag to blend in with your daily life.