Glico "Baton d'Or Riche Edu

Baton d'Or Riche Edu

Baton d'Or Riche Edu, a pretzel covered with raw chocolate, is now available from Ezaki Glico, and will go on sale sequentially from October 7.

There are three flavors available, all priced at 800 yen per piece (excluding tax). Unlike Glico's classic chocolate-covered pretzel "Pocky" available in many stores, this new flavor of "Baton d'Or" is aimed at department stores.

According to Glico, this is the first attempt in the world to coat stick confections with fresh chocolate. The new flavor will be sold at Baton d'Or stores in the Hankyu Umeda main store and the Shimaya Osaka store (the "●" is a variant of "Taka").

Glico "Baton d'Or Riche Edu

A butter rich pretzel covered with clarified butter and covered with rich tasting raw chocolate. The smooth texture of the raw chocolate and the crispy pretzel can be enjoyed at the same time.

By picking up the bare part of the pretzel, you can enjoy it easily without getting chocolate on your hands. Since the traditional baton d'or production line cannot be used, a new handmade production line has been introduced.

Of the three flavors, the "Chocolat" is plain raw chocolate with a rich flavor made from Ecuadorian cacao beans, the "Berry" is raw chocolate with sweet and sour berries that fill the mouth, and the "Matcha" is raw chocolate with the crisp bitter taste and elegant flavor of matcha green tea. The product is a combination of the two. All of them also contain Western liquor. The best-before date is 14 days and must be refrigerated.