Ginza Cozy Corner "Chocolate Mint Cake"

Chocomin party attention! Check out all three "chocolate mint" products that are currently attracting attention for eating! "Pocky [chocolate mint]" and "chocolate flakes chocolate mint". * Click the product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

・ Pocky [chocolate mint]

Ezaki Glico will release Pocky's new work " Pocky [Chocolate Mint]". By wrapping the bittersweet cacao pretzel in mint chocolate, the scent of mint spreads in the deep richness of cacao, making it a refreshing and relaxing dish.

Pocky's new work "Pocky [chocolate mint]"

・ Chocolate flakes Chocolate mint

Nissin Cisco will release "chocolate flakes chocolate mint " with a cool taste nationwide. Uses refreshing chocolate with a scent of peppermint. It is also recommended to chill it in the refrigerator or freezer. It has a cool mouthfeel and you can enjoy a refreshing taste.

Nissin Cisco "Chocolate Flakes Chocolate Mint"

・ Chocolate mint cake, etc.

"Choco mint cake " will be sold at the raw cake dealers in Ginza Cozy Corner, and "Choco mint sable" will be sold at stores nationwide.

Ginza Cozy Corner "Chocolate Mint Cake"

The new "Choco Mint Cake" is a mint-flavored white chocolate cream (with mint-flavored jelly and chocolate chips) sandwiched between a mint-flavored sponge and a cocoa sponge. Mintha-flavored white chocolate cream is also squeezed on the top surface, so you can enjoy a refreshing feeling no matter where you eat.

The other item is the comeback of the popular "chocolate mint sable" last year. This year, the mint feeling of mint cream has been improved, and mint oil is also blended into chocolate sable. The cool mint cream and mint-scented chocolate sable are a perfect match, and are finished to give you a more refreshing feeling.

Ginza Cozy Corner "Chocolate Mint Sable"