Sushiro "Milky Roll"
Pure white milky roll, sushiro-

Sushiro and Fujiya collaborate for the first time. From today (September 8th), "Milky Roll" is on sale at each Sushiro store. The price is 180 yen (excluding tax). It will end as soon as it runs out.

Milky roll is a moist and soft roll dough wrapped in cream with plenty of condensed milk reminiscent of the soft candy "Milky". You can enjoy the gentle "mama's taste" with rich milk and richness.

Since this is a collaboration product, the official character "Sushi Panda", which is Sushiro's "PR leader", is designed on the paper laid under the cake. The sushi panda's nihilistic face is usually lined up where Peko should be. What's more, he sticks out his tongue like Peko-chan.

Sushiro "Milky Roll"
Nikui facial expression

In addition, a campaign to commemorate the release of Milky Roll is also underway. If you post a photo or video of a milky roll on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag "#milky roll", 100 people will win a Sushiro meal ticket worth 2,000 yen by lottery.

The application deadline is October 1st. Please check Sushiro's official website for details on how to apply. By all means, please post a photo with a cute (?) Look like Peko-chan!

* SUSHIRO Minamiikebukuro store and Gotanda store have different items and prices.