Cheese apple pie without failure at "Boursin" ♪
Simply wrap the whole "Boursin" cheese in a pie sheet and bake.
Material ( For 2-4 people )
Boursin Apple & Cinnamon 1 piece
Frozen pie sheet 1 sheet
Egg (for painting) 1 piece
Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
Boursin, easy adult apple pie

A new work "Apple & Cinnamon" has appeared in the nice French-born cheese "Boursin". It will be on sale for a limited time from September 1st. Can you buy it at a cheese specialty store or an imported food supermarket?

Boursin's classic flavors include plain, pepper, garlic and herbs, but this time it's a sweet flavor! What's more, apples and cinnamon are ... absolutely delicious!

According to the official information, you can enjoy "flavor like apple pie", but why not make it a pie? I thought, so I made a whole Boursin cheese wrap. It's super easy, but it's insanely delicious, so I recommend it!


1 boursin apple & cinnamon 1 frozen pie sheet 1 egg

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
I want to eat as it is ... but I'm sorry today

・ How to make

Return the frozen pie sheet to room temperature and roll it out with a rolling pin. Place the whole Boursin cheese in the middle and wrap it in a pie sheet. If the shape doesn't fit well, make a cut in the pie sheet to get it in place.

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
I will borrow the power of the frozen pie sheet. Roll out with a rolling pin

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
Boursin cheese

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
Wrap the whole

Melt the egg yolk, apply it to the surface with a brush, and bake it in an oven preheated to 180-200 degrees for 10-15 minutes to complete! (Please adjust the temperature and time according to the baking condition.)

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
If you wrap it

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
Apply the beaten egg with a brush

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
To the oven

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
It's burnt!

When you cut it, you can see the boursin cheese that overflows from the crispy dough. It smells like cinnamon. With a bite ...

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
The cheese is fluffy

And refreshing sweetness of the Umma ~ ~ have !! apples, spicy aroma is combined taste of cinnamon is just apple pie filling itself! In addition, the richness of cheese and the smooth milkiness are added to make an insanely rich apple pie.

However, it is not too sweet and has the acidity of cheese, so you can eat as much as you want ...! Adult apple pie. It definitely goes well with wine and other alcoholic beverages!

Apple pie with "Boursin Apple & Cinnamon"
It was delicious that did not disappoint

I want to make a little extravagant snack, but I don't want to spend too much time and effort! Please try it at that time.