Snow Brand Megmilk "Japanese and Milk Mitarashi Sauce and Milk Purin"
Japanese pudding like mitarashi dango

Megmilk Snow Brand will release "Wa to Milk Mitarashi Sauce and Milk Purin" on September 5th.

The "Wa to Milk" series is a cup dessert that combines Japanese ingredients and milk. Mitarashi Sauce and Mitarashi Dango, which will be introduced this time, is a dish that you can enjoy by sprinkling Mitarashi sauce on a pudding with a "moist" texture that has a moderately sweet milk. You can easily enjoy the deliciousness of "Mitarashi dango".

Also, on September 26th, "Wa to Milk Azuki Purin" will be renewed and released. This is a pudding with a mellow texture using red bean paste from Hokkaido. The package design has been improved while maintaining the richness and sweetness of milk combined with the flavor of azuki beans. Sprinkle the attached black honey sauce to further enhance the Japanese taste.

The estimated price is 130 yen (excluding tax).

Snow Brand Megmilk "Wa to Milk Azuki Purin"
Azuki Purin with a new package