Barbacoa Brazilian Pudding "Pudding

Barbacoa Brazilian Pudding "Pudding" To go

Barbacoa will start selling Brazilian Pudding "Pudding" To go at all stores except Umeda store from January 23, 2023. The price is 1,200 yen (tax included).

Barbacoa Brazilian Pudding "Pudding
Milky taste with condensed milk

Pudding is a

milky and firm texture with condensed milk

. Barbacoa, a Brazilian barbecue "churrasco" specialty restaurant from Sao Paulo, Brazil, offers pudding as part of its dessert buffet menu, and now it will be available as an individual item for To go.

Pudding was introduced to Brazil during the Age of Discovery, when the country was a Portuguese colony. According to Barbacoa, puddings of English origin are made with milk, but in Portugal, fresh cream was used, and since condensed milk was more readily available in Brazil, the main ingredients were changed. It is milky and firmer in texture than Japanese custard pudding.

The To go portion is about 300 grams, which is large enough to share with a family. It is also suitable as a souvenir for home parties.

The shape and price may vary depending on the store. Please refer to the official website of each store for the detailed sales start date.