"Fried Pasta" and "Potechi" sold at "Kineya" in Azabujuban
A little rich taste

Azabu Juban Kineya

"Kineya's Potachi Extra Olive Oil" has been on sale since July 2017 at "Kineya" in Azabujuban. The price is 490 yen (tax included, same below).

Inside the Azabujuban "Masuya"
Inside the store

Potachi sold at Azabujuban "Masuya"
Discover "Potechi"!

Kineya's Potachi Extra Olive Oil

"Kineya's Potato Extra Olive Oil" is a potato chip that uses only the world's highest quality extra virgin olive oil. It is said that it is a "celebrity-loved" potato chip that contains abundant "nutrients for beauty (eulenspie, vitamins, polyphenols)".

Potachi of Azabujuban "Masuya"
Masuya's Potachi Extra Olive Oil

Only potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper are used. It's like a simple seasoning that doesn't contain any extras.

Potachi of Azabujuban "Masuya"
With the minimum amount of material

The potchi, which makes a crisp and pleasant sound when bitten, is less oily than I had imagined and is very easy to eat. You can enjoy the crispy texture of sliced potatoes and the salty taste. It seems that you will be addicted to the slightly rich taste that you will want to eat carefully one by one!

Potachi of Azabujuban "Masuya"

Fried pasta

Speaking of "Kineya", the standard product " fried pasta " must not be forgotten. This is also a dish with a crispy texture.

Salt pasta

"Salt pasta" is a simple flavor that is likely to be received by everyone. The price is 380 yen.

Masuya's "salt pasta"
Crispy texture


"Naporitan" is a flavor that you can enjoy the richness and umami of tomato ketchup. It's a taste that will make your child happy. The price is 410 yen.

Masuya's fried pasta "Napolitan"
Children's favorite taste!

Maple syrup

"Maple syrup" is a slightly sweet pasta with maple flavor. The sweetness is exquisite and the taste is finished so that you won't get tired of it. The price is 430 yen.

Masuya's fried pasta "maple syrup"
I want to enjoy it with coffee or tea

Kineya's products have an irresistible crispy and crispy texture. If you are looking for souvenirs in Azabujuban, please take a look.

■ Overview of "Kineya" Address: 1-6-5 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo Ramouze Azabujuban 1F
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 Regular holiday: Open all year round