KALDI "Cheese Coriander Flavor"
Coriander-flavored chi, it came out

"Cheese cod coriander flavor" (298 yen including tax) has been released by KALDI in a limited quantity. "Chi-tara" with coriander-flavored seasoning. Isn't this a genius who thought about it ...?

I also tried the cilantro-loving en-eating editorial department!

KALDI "Cheese Coriander Flavor"
Expectations make me excited

Open the bag at once ... Oh, it smells good ...!

KALDI "Cheese Coriander Flavor"
The scent of coriander is already

KALDI "Cheese Coriander Flavor"

When you bring it closer to the mouth, the scent of coriander that has been around for a while becomes stronger and the tension rises. By the way, the small green bubble wrap seen in the cheese part seems to be parsley, not coriander.

By the way, if you bite yourself after teasing yourself ...

KALDI "Cheese Coriander Flavor"
I will have

Ah, this is ummai !!! The rich flavor of chi and the unique scent of coriander are added to make it the best taste for sake !! I think it goes well with beer as well as wine and shochu. I want to eat it as a normal snack, even if it's not a snack of sake!

I knew it, but it tasted better than I expected. If you like coriander, you have to eat it. Get it before it runs out of stock!