At each Seven-Eleven store, three types of products, including the limited edition "Jagarico GRAND Salad" in collaboration with Calbee, will be on sale in limited quantities from December 3rd.

It will end as soon as it runs out! As soon as possible ~
It will end as soon as it runs out! As soon as possible ~

Three products will be released this time: "Jagarico GRAND Salad," "Anno Imo no Satsu Snack," and "Kappa Ebisen Omar Shrimp Bisque Flavor." Both are limited to Seven-Eleven.

"Jagarico GRAND Salad" is a flavor using "Jagarico's first ever" baron from Hokkaido. By adding corn and onion extract powder, it seems to have a richer taste than the conventional salad taste. The price is 198 yen.

"Anno potato snack" is a honey butter-flavored snack made from 100% Tanegashima Anno potato. The sweetness of honey and the richness of butter enhance the deliciousness of sweet potatoes. The price is 138 yen.

"Kappa Ebisen Omar Shrimp Bisque Flavor" is a Kappa Ebisen where you can enjoy the "rich shrimp flavor". The mellow and rich flavor of Omar shrimp is said to produce a "unstoppable, unstoppable" taste. The price is 138 yen.

* All listed prices include tax