JR East's "Ekinaka Convenience Store" NEWDAYS and KIOSK will release four types of bread using GABA and bran as the first health-oriented products on November 11th. It was released in.

"Health-oriented" products one after another
"Health-oriented" products one after another

In response to growing health consciousness, these products have been developed under the theme of "easy, delicious and healthy support because it is a station." As the first step, there are four types of bread that incorporate GABA, a type of amino acid, and bran, which is rich in dietary fiber.

The products released are "GABA-containing chocolate pie" (129 yen), which is made by wrapping chocolate cream and almonds with GABA in pie crust, "GABA-containing chocolate steamed bread" (134 yen), and Itoen's steamed cake using GABA-containing chocolate. "Fulfilling vegetable boronese" (134 yen) made from dough and ingredients kneaded with vegetable juice "rich vegetables", "mochimochi curry (with bran)" (139 yen) wrapped in curry with dice ham in dough with bran ).

In the future, the items will be expanded to include salads and rice balls.

* All listed prices include tax