La Santa Land "Kinko Uchiyama's Golden Melon Bread"

"Kinko Uchiyama's Golden Melon Bread" is on sale at La Santa Land (Fukushima City). Sweet bread completed with passion for Yuji Koseki and Kaneko, the model of the morning drama "Ale". Limited quantity.

Yuji Koseki, a model of the main character, has left many masterpieces of gems such as "Olympic March" and "The crown shines on you". The pride of Fukushima children, such as being selected as the first honorary citizen of Fukushima City in 1979. There are many places related to Yuji Koseki Memorial Hall in the city, and with the excitement of the morning drama "Ale", it is attracting a lot of attention again.

Meanwhile, "La Santa Land", which is popular for bread that sticks to health-conscious ingredients and manufacturing methods, loved melon bread that Mr. Kinko Uchiyama loved for the rest of his life, triggered by "Ale". After a long trial and error, we completed "Kinko Uchiyama's Golden Melon Bread" from the passionate desire to make "Sweets Bread" that has been loved by Fukushima citizens for a long time.

The concept is as follows.

Cookie dough: Yuji Koseki's quiet and passionate personality that gently wraps his wife and those around him is expressed by wrapping bread dough and custard cream in a golden biscuit dough that uses only egg yolk.

Custard cream: Kaneko's lively and passionate high collar is expressed with rich custard cream.

Bread dough: Using sun-dried salt and cane sugar, we expressed the splendor of nature's blessings and the "good relationship" with Mr. Yuji (cookie dough) from Fukushima City and Mr. Kaneko (custard cream) from Toyohashi City.

The fluffy and light texture is like a cake, and it is a gem of "La Santa Land" whose motto is to make "bread that my child and grandchildren want to eat". For details, refer to the "La Santa Land" mail order site.