The craft beer "Boku Beer, Kimi Beer.", Which was jointly developed by Yo-Ho Brewing and Lawson, which handles "Yona Yona Ale," will be on sale at Lawson liquor stores from October 28th. The price is 288 yen (tax included).

This is our beer.
This is our beer.

This product is a type of beer called "Saison". It has a scent like fresh young fruits and a crisp bitterness caused by hops. This is the first time that an original craft beer has been released in the convenience store industry (according to Yo-Ho Brewing).

According to Lawson, the amount of beer purchased by young people has decreased in recent years. On the other hand, craft beer with limited sales areas and distribution channels is becoming more popular, and the younger generation has a gorgeous scent derived from raw material hops and brewing methods, and a unique taste in which bitterness and acidity are intricately intertwined. Is also supported.

The product name "Boku Beer, Kimi Beer." Is named so that the younger generation will feel that "this is the beer of our generation." In addition, the cute frog character drawn on the package expresses the values of the younger generation, such as "I want to choose a monogoto that fits me and is a little unique" and "I value the connection with flat friends". It's a kind of thing, a little unique, self-paced, and the image of being like a good friend.

Prior to the over-the-counter release, it will be offered at the Yo- Ho Brewing booth at the events "Beer Festival Yokohama 2014" (Kanagawa Prefecture) and "Keyaki Hiroba Autumn Beer Festival" (Saitama Prefecture) to be held in September.