Taiwan Strawberry Beer, a winter-only fruit beer at Lawson

Taiwan Strawberry Beer

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Lawson "Taiwan Strawberry Beer" went on sale at approximately 3,000 Lawson stores nationwide on November 8. Taiwan Strawberry Beer is a winter-only fruit beer produced by Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, a long-established beer manufacturer in Taiwan.

Taiwan Strawberry Beer, a winter-only fruit beer at Lawson

What is Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation's Taiwan beer?

Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation's Taiwan beer has a lager base. It is characterized by the use of rice as a secondary ingredient, which makes it light, easy to drink, and has a low bitterness. Liquor Corporation also produces a wide variety of beers that make use of Taiwanese ingredients and fruits.

What is Taiwan Strawberry Beer?

The winter-only "Taiwan Strawberry Beer" to be released this time adopts a can design that is just like Taiwan's. The pink base is decorated with strawberries. The can is based on a pink base with strawberries everywhere.

Taiwan Strawberry Beer, a winter-only fruit beer at Lawson

The cute can contains a fruit beer with more than 12% strawberry juice. You can enjoy the fruity aroma of strawberries and the light and elegant wheat flavor of the beer. The alcohol content is low at 3%, so even those who are not very strong drinkers can enjoy it with gusto.

Although it is a fruit beer, the sweetness is moderate. The beer's subtle bitterness and carbonation give it a refreshing aftertaste, making it a perfect match for warm winter dishes.

Taiwan Strawberry Beer" Sales Information

Name: Happoshu
Ingredients: malted barley, Hourai rice, hops, can sugar, strawberry juice, apple juice, spices
Country of origin: Taiwan
Container and capacity: 330ml (11.16us fl oz) can
Alcohol content: 3%
Price: 328 yen (including tax)
Release date: November 8, 2022
Release area: Approximately 3. 000 Lawson stores nationwide 000 stores
*Stock availability varies by store
*Not available at LAWSON STORE100
*Some stores may not carry the product