St. Gallen "Chocolate Glass & Chocolate Beer
Chocolate glass & chocolate beer

Sankt Garren Chocolate Glass & Chocolate Beer

Sankt Garren will be offering a set of Imperial Chocolate Stout 2023, a chocolate flavored beer, and an edible chocolate glass. It will be available at the official online store and some department stores.

Imperial Chocolate


Imperial Chocolate Stout 2023 does not use chocolate or cocoa, but rather a high-temperature roasted ingredient called "chocolate malt" that gives the beer its chocolate flavor. All ingredients, including malt, are about three times more than in a regular black beer, and the alcohol content is higher than usual at 9%. Each bottle has a capacity of 330 ml.

St. Gallen "Imperial Chocolate Stout 2023"
Imperial Chocolate Stout 2023



The "Chocolate Glass" is not only a glass into which beer can be poured and drunk, but the glass can also be eaten together while drinking the chocolate beer.

An original creation by patissier Shoji Yanagi, the cacao that goes well with beer is selected and each piece is handcrafted. You can enjoy the synergy of the aroma of the cacao in the glass and the aroma of the chocolate beer. The aroma that wafts through the glass when the beer is poured, the aroma that escapes into your nose when you take a sip, and the aftertaste after you have finished the beer are all chocolate flavors.

St. Gallen "Chocolate Glass"
chocolate glass

Sales location, sales date, and price

The beer and glass set is priced at 3,600 yen (including tax and delivery charge) and will be available in limited quantities from February 1, 2023 at the official St. Gallen online store. Applications can be made from all over Japan.

In addition, online reservations will be accepted at the Keio Department Store Shinjuku branch in Shinjuku, Tokyo, from February 2 to 9, and in-store pickup will take place from February 10 to 14. If the number of reservations does not reach a certain number, the product will be sold at the Sake and Soumono section on the MB floor on February 11.

In addition, the Sogo Yokohama store in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, will also sell a limited quantity of the product on February 10 at the liquor section on the B2 floor.