Yakko Brewing "Dondabada on the Backstreet
(Image source: Yakko Brewing official website)

Yakko Brewing's canned beer "Dondabada on the Backstreet" is now available nationwide, with an estimated price of 323 yen (tax included) for a 350 ml can.

Yakko-Brewing Uradori no Donda Bada

It is said to be Yakko-Brewing's first regular product for the national market in 10 years, following "Wednesday's Cat," and the product concept is "live crazy about what you like. The concept of the product is to "live crazy about what you like." It is explained that the talented young brewers pursued the taste they "want to drink the most" without being overly constrained by existing styles, concepts, or production methods.

The beer style is "Freestyle Belgian Golden Ale. This traditional beer originated in Belgium has been reconstructed in a modern way, without being bound by existing concepts or production methods. It is characterized by a refreshing aroma reminiscent of Chardonnay, with a mix of fresh fruit and light wood aromas. It is said to be dry and light on the palate, but has a good body and a slightly higher alcohol content of 6.0%, making it a very drinkable wine.

It was introduced in March, and until now has been available only in certain regions and stores. Details can be found on the official website.