Penguins Sunday
I can't eat it because it's cute !?

A fair is being held at some restaurants in Sunshine City (Ikebukuro, Tokyo) to commemorate the renewal of the outdoor area of the Sunshine Aquarium. The period is from July 12th to August 31st.

During the fair period, an original menu with the motif of sea creatures such as penguins and fish, and a seafood menu using seafood as ingredients will appear. An example is as follows. * All prices include tax

Menu / Offer store

Penguin Sunday 430 yen / Blue Seal Sushi Aquarium 1,000 yen (with drinks, 50 meals each day only) / Tsukiji Tamashizushi Tenku Penguin Cocktail 540 yen / Canaloa Cafe Parent and Child Penguin Pavlova 750 yen / Aji Oil Ka Curry 700 yen Menu for each day, 5 meals limited to each day) / Tea pot cafe, Salad of seafood, Marine Garden 980 yen (15 meals limited to each day) / House Italian Leben Grande

Tsukiji Tama Sushi Sushi Aquarium
Tsukiji Tama Sushi "Sushi Aquarium"

Penguins cocktail in the sky
Canaloa Cafe "Penguins Cocktail in the Sky"

As a set with the aquarium, of course, why not enjoy it between shopping in Sunshine City (only the Canaloa Cafe is in the aquarium, so an admission fee is required).