Yoshinoya taco rice

A new summer-only menu "Okinawa Taco Rice" is now available at Yoshinoya. It has been on sale since July 6th. The price is 450 yen (tax included).

Okinawan local cuisine "taco rice", which is a mixture of Mexican food "tacos" and rice, is now available at Yoshinoya. I had the image of taco rice as "a little fashionable cafe menu (high and small amount)" , so I'm glad that it's offered at a price that you can easily enter at Yoshinoya and change with one coin.

I actually went to eat.

Yoshinoya Gotanda store
To the Yoshinoya ...

I tried Okinawa taco rice

Minced meat, lettuce, and cheese are placed on top of the rice, and the bright red taco sauce shines in the center. Bright colors that feel summer.

Yoshinoya taco rice
The red color of the taco sauce is bright

Comes with habanero sauce to adjust the spiciness.

Yoshinoya taco rice
Habanero sauce attached

Mix the ingredients and rice before eating. It may not be necessary to mix. as you like.

Yoshinoya taco rice
With or without mixing

The spicy and rich taste of minced meat goes well with the sweet and sour octopus sauce of tomatoes. With the addition of cabbage with a crispy and fresh texture and cheese that adds mellowness, you can enjoy a lively and advancing taste.

Yoshinoya taco rice
The taste that makes the body summer

After eating a little, add habanero sauce.

Yoshinoya taco rice
Introduce habanero sauce at the right time

This is pretty painful! If you don't pay attention to the amount, your mouth will tingle. But it becomes a habit. The strong sweet and sour taste of taco sauce brings out the depth of the taste. Unless you're not good at spicy food, it may be better to mix it with the ingredients first and eat it. Of course, you can enjoy the difference in taste by adding it on the way like this time.

A spicy menu that is perfect for summer, with sweat oozing on your forehead. Why don't you choose it on the day when the beef bowl is a little heavy.