Yoshinoya's "first ever" new menu "beef pot grilled"

Yoshinoya's "first ever" new menu is now available. "Beef Nabeyaki" will be on sale at stores nationwide from 11:00 on March 5 (excluding some stores). For a limited time.

This is a new product that pursues the "new taste" of beef and onions through a new approach of "baking" beef and onions carefully selected by the Yoshinoya family. This is the first time that the Yoshinoya beef and onions have been grilled on an iron plate since the company was founded in 1902.

After boiling beef (short plate) and sweet onions, it is savoryly baked in an iron pan with special ginger sauce. The amount of beef is the same as the amount of beef in "Gyudon Omori", and the amount of onions is twice the amount of onions in "Negidaku Gyudon". In addition, the special ginger sauce was newly developed for this product. Ginger, garlic, and apple are mixed, and Yoshinoya's secret beef bowl sauce is added as a secret ingredient. The finish is such that you can feel the flavor of white wine, which is peculiar to the Yoshinoya beef bowl sauce.

Yoshinoya's "first ever" new menu "beef pot grilled"
Beef hot pot set meal

"Beef pot grilled" is served with an iron pot placed on top of a lit trivet. The feature is that you can enjoy beef and onions in a hot iron pan at any time while baking them with a special ginger sauce. Immediately after serving, the beef has a moist and rich taste. You can enjoy the crispy texture of onions. As the roasting time increases, the beef becomes richer and more fragrant, and the onions become more transparent, softer and sweeter. In addition, the special ginger sauce is boiled down to increase its richness and flavor.

In addition to the "beef hot pot set meal" (598 yen, tax not included, same below) that includes beef hot pot, rice, and miso soup, beef hot pot and rice, miso soup, and pickles and eggs or mini salad The lineup includes the set "Beef Nabe-yaki Gozen" (648 yen) and "Beef Nabe-yaki (single item)" (498 yen). Both the set meal and the set meal are free of charge for increasing the amount of rice and refilling for 24 hours.

Yoshinoya's "first ever" new menu "beef pot grilled"
Beef pot-grilled set