Meiji "Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Balance Lunch"
From the left, "0 fat", "banana and millet", "apple & prunes and millet"

From the Meiji yogurt "Bulgaria" series, the concentrated yogurt "Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Balance Lunch" with a "meal-like taste" is now available. It will be sold in advance in the Kanto Koshinetsu area from March 7th.

This is a "fat-free" type concentrated yogurt that allows you to easily take in protein and calcium. It has a chewy and hungry feeling, and when combined with a regular meal, it can improve nutritional balance.

In addition to the moderately sweet "Balance Ranch Fat 0", "Banana and Millet" which is a combination of banana pulp and millet (rye and oats), "Apple & Millet and Millet" which is a combination of apple pulp and prune juice, and millet. There are 3 types in the lineup.

The estimated price is 160 yen for 0 fat, 170 yen for banana and millet, and 170 yen for apple & prunes and millet, all excluding tax.