Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Apple" launched on October 23.


Bulgaria Yogurt Ringo to go

on sale on October 23

Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Ringo, which offers the freshness of yogurt and the deliciousness of apples suited for autumn and winter, will be available from Meiji's "authentic yogurt" brand, "Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt". The product will go on sale on October 23. The estimated price is 280 yen (tax included).

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Meiji Bulgaria


Apple "Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Apple" is a seasonal fruit yogurt that combines the popular apple with yogurt that has a mild sourness and fruit flavor enhanced by lactic acid bacteria derived from authentic Bulgaria. Along with the freshness of the yogurt, the sweetness and crunchy texture of apples, which are suitable for fall and winter, can be enjoyed. The product also comes in small packs of 4 x 70g (2.47oz), which are easy and convenient for breakfast or snacking.

The package design is based on the dark blue color that symbolizes "Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt," and apples are scattered throughout to express the delicious combination of yogurt and fruit. The deliciousness of seasonal fruits can be enjoyed.
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