"Yogurt Recipe Garden" where you can eat yogurt dishes using "Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Recipe Hirogaru Plain", which is sold exclusively in the Kanto Koshinetsu area as "yogurt that can be used for cooking", will be held at Futako Tamagawa Rise Galleria on April 25th. Open for days only. On the day of the event, an opening event was held inviting Ryo Tamura of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2, Tomoharu Shoji of Shoji Shinagawa, Maki Tamaru of actress and Shota Arisaka of the cook.

At the yogurt recipe garden opening event
At the yogurt recipe garden opening event

At the event, Mr. Tamura and Mr. Shoji will present a special yogurt cake made with "Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Recipe Spreading Plain" to Mr. Tamaru, a newlywed who just had a reception on the 21st. Mr. Tamaru was curious about the yogurt cake, saying, "I'm happy. I'm curious about what it tastes like."

In addition, Mr. Tamaru said, "I eat yogurt every day for breakfast, but I don't know how to use it in cooking, so I'd like to learn today." The recommended yogurt dishes were served by the two people who won the first place.

Mr. Tamaru commented with a smile, "Yogurt is a magical ingredient. Every dish is delicious. I wonder if I should aim to be a good cook and do my best for my husband." Regarding the newlywed life, he seems to find time to cook, saying, "(My husband) says that everything is delicious and eats it. If I do not say so, I may think that I will not make it again." , "A very caring husband" was cursed.

The two "ideal daddy entertainers" said, "There are many yogurt dishes I introduced today that you can cook with your child, so please try making them with your child." (Tamura), "A little more children When I grow up, I want to cook yogurt dishes with my children and feed them to my mom. "Happiness will spread" (Shoji), saying that he wants to enjoy yogurt dishes with his family.

"Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Recipe Spreading Plain" is a plain yogurt that is easy to use for cooking, with a rich richness and firm hardness. It uses LB81 lactic acid bacteria from Meiji Bulgaria yogurt, and has a rich richness and a cream cheese-like texture.