Ameya Eitelo "Sweet Jewel
Like a Jewel (The Queen's Radiance - Koh-i-Noor)

Ameya Eitaro White Day

Sweet Jewel," a jewel candy for White Day, and "Sweet Aroma," a thin film candy, are available at the official online store of Ameya Eitaro.

Sweet Jewel

Sweet Jewel" is a jewel-like candy with the same cut as real diamonds and crystals. It comes in an original gift box that resembles a picture frame, and a message card can be inserted, making it the perfect White Day gift.

Ameya Eitelo "Sweet Jewel
Lucky charms - Hope

The lineup includes the following four types (all prices include tax)

Queen's Radiance - Ko i Nur - 3,780 yen
Flower of the Sun - Pasha of Egypt - 3,456 yen
Blessing ~Crystal Teardrop~ 3,456 yen
Lucky charms ~Hope~ 4,104 yen

Ameya Eitelo "Sweet Jewel
Blessing - Crystal Teardrop

Sweet Aroma

Sweet Aroma" is a thin film of candy that is shaped like a heart. It is inspired by "aromatherapy," which originated in Europe, and is recommended for people who want to relax or refresh themselves.

Ameya Eitaro Sweet Aroma"
Cute heart shape

There are four flavors: "vanilla" made from precious "Monreignon vanilla," "damask rose" with an elegant scent using Bulgarian roses, "mint" with a fresh and clean flavor, and "bergamot" with the sweetness and bitterness of citrus fruits. All are scented with natural ingredients.

Each can (20 pieces) is priced at 648 yen, a gift box of 2 pieces (Monreignon Vanilla & Bergamot) at 1,512 yen, and a gift box of 4 pieces at 3,024 yen.