Eitaro Fuhonshiki "Eitaro candy: Houjicha (roasted green tea) candy
(Source of the image is the official website of Eitaro Fuhonshiki)

Eitaro Sohonchaku announced on its official website that "Eitaro candy: Houjicha candy" is now available. The price is 540 yen for a bag (tax included, same below), 324 yen for a small bag, and 465 yen for a 12-grain openwork box.

Eitaro candy: Houjicha candy

The "Eitanro candy" series is made from "aruheito", which is made by boiling down highly pure and tasteless white rough sugar over an open flame at high temperature. According to Eitaro Sohonshiki, this series was devised to make it easier to enjoy Ariheito, which was expensive for common people in Edo period, and there are a total of 11 types of candies including Ume-boshi candy, black candy, green tea candy, black tea candy, throat candy, vanilla milk candy, and fruit juice candy.

The hojicha candy this time is made without fragrance and coloring, and is said to have a savory flavor of Upeito sugar, and the hojicha from Tsuji Riichi Honten in Kyoto, which is characterized by its high aroma and flavor from roasting, is combined with Upeito sugar to create a deep taste. It is positioned as one of the new flavors introduced by Eitaro candy every year and will be sold for one year only.