Itoken "Rinkiri Mukden"
Do you know this candy?

Do you know a sweet called "Wagiri Hoten"? It is a traditional Japanese confectionery that is made by wrapping fragrant karinto in kneaded candy and slicing it into round slices. It is said that it came to be called "Mukden" because of the origin of "stick confectionery dedicated to Tenjin-sama". It seems that some areas call it "Umebachi".

The other day, I found at Seijo Ishii, the long-established store "Itoken" in Kyoto. The simple sweets are gently lined up on the shelves, but they are so delicious that I can't stop picking them up ...!

Itoken "Rinkiri Mukden"
Itoken's Rinkiri Mukden, I definitely want you to try it!

◆ Rinkiri Mukden with beautiful appearance

It is a pure white candy and is wrapped in a dark brown candy-colored karinto. The color contrast is beautiful!

Itoken "Rinkiri Mukden"
The idea of wrapping karinto with candy is new

When you pick one and put it in your mouth, it has a crunchy texture. In addition to the simple sweetness of candy cooked with water and sugar, the richness and aroma of fried karinto fills your mouth at once. It won't stop!

Itoken "Rinkiri Mukden"
The crunchy texture and fragrance are the best!

◆ The candy is very soft

Is it hard because the candy is thick? I thought that was not the case at all. By adding air to the candy dough, it has a soft and smooth mouthfeel.

Itoken "Rinkiri Mukden"
The candy is thick but soft

It has a light texture, a fragrance that remains even after a lingering finish, and a moderate sweetness that makes it addictive. A terrifying child who can't stop when he eats one and then one more. Sweets with plenty of butter and cream are good, but sometimes you can spend a relaxing afternoon snack with such simple traditional sweets.