Ministop chocolate sweets

At each Ministop store (excluding some stores), three chocolate sweets supervised by the patisserie "Delimo" in Akasaka, Tokyo will be on sale from February 22nd. There are three types of lineup: "Chocolate Mont Blanc", "Rich Chocolate Tiramisu", and "Chocolate Brownie".

Chocolate sweets that were completed after receiving advice from Chef Eguchi, a chocolatier pastry chef of Delimo, many times. I was curious, so I tried it!

・ Chocolatier Chocolatier Mont Blanc 280 yen
A cake made by layering Mont Blanc, white cream, and cocoa sponge using rich chocolate cream. Chocolate with a crispy texture is studded here and there on the inside.

Ministop chocolate sweets
Rich chocolate cream Mont Blanc!

The Mont Blanc part has a rich taste with a moderate bitterness in the sweetness. The white cream inside is refreshing, so you can eat it without feeling too much weight.

Ministop chocolate sweets
The cream inside is refreshing

However, eating one is quite a volume. I want to eat sweets today! By all means on that day.

・ Chocolatier's rich chocolatier tiramisu 250 yen

Tiramisu is beautiful in appearance with multiple layers of mousse, sponge, coffee jelly, etc. You can enjoy the creamy mouthfeel of two types of tiramisu mousse and whipped cream, and the moist mouthfeel of a sponge soaked with coffee syrup.

Ministop chocolate sweets
Layered parfait-like tiramisu

The bitter coffee jelly put in the middle tightens the overall sweetness and accentuates it with a plump texture. The sweetness and bitterness can be felt firmly, and it is a sweet that is mainly creamy but satisfying.

Ministop chocolate sweets
For those who are not satisfied with sweets with a vague taste

・ Chocolatier chocolate brownie 160 yen

A chocolate brownie with one side coated with chocolate. It has a moist and melty texture and a rich chocolate flavor!

Ministop chocolate sweets
You can eat it with one hand, so you can use it as a snack in the office.

It is also a high point that the coated chocolate has a smooth mouthfeel. It's the cheapest of the three, but personally it was the most delicious.

Ministop chocolate sweets
For those who want to simply taste chocolate

All chocolate sweets have a rich taste and are full of satisfaction. How about a little reward for yourself who worked hard this week!