Cafe Comsa "Strawberry, Mango and 3 Color Mousse Cake"
Hinamatsuri-like cake

Reservations for the Hinamatsuri limited cake "Strawberry Mango and Three-Color Mousse Cake" are accepted until March 1st at Cafe Comsa. The pick-up period is from February 25th to March 3rd. The store will sell one piece until March 3rd.

This is a special cake limited to the 2017 Hinamatsuri, with strawberry, milk, and matcha mousse in the image of Hishi mochi decorated on a custard cream base. Strawberries and mangoes with the image of peach petals are luxuriously topped.

The price is 2,600 yen for 12 cm and 4,500 yen for 15 cm (tax included).

In addition, "SAKURA-Strawberry and Sakura White Chocolate Mousse Cake-", which is decorated with slightly pink cherry mousse, strawberries, and kiwi on the base of mascarpone, will be developed until the cherry blossoms fall.

Cafe Comsa "SAKURA Strawberry and Cherry White Chocolate Mousse Cake"
Feel the arrival of spring

Prices, designs, and deployment periods may change depending on the store and the availability of fruits.