FamilyMart "Rich Frappe Vanilla

FamilyMart "

Rich Frappe Vanilla" FamilyMart stores will release "Rich Frappe Vanilla" made with Madagascar vanilla from the "FAMIMA CAFE" frappe series on October 17. The price is 320 yen (tax included).

Rich Frappe


In 2022, FamilyMart conducted a nationwide survey of approximately 10,000 men and women aged 15 and older on frozen drink flavors they would like to try, and this flavor was voted the clear winner, beating past hits such as Chocolate and Strawberry. Now, a "vanilla" flavor frappe, which is also an ever-popular ice cream flavor, will go on sale.

Rich Frappe Vanilla" is a rich, rich frappe made with vanilla from Madagascar, with a sweet, aromatic flavor and rich vanilla taste. With its luxurious taste, it is recommended when you are tired or just want to relax.

FamilyMart "Rich Frappe Vanilla

FamilyMart's product manager said, "Vanilla is a simple yet very deep flavor. After much research and prototyping with many ice cream and shakes from supermarkets to specialty stores, we were able to create a rich product that can only be experienced with a frappe.

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