Official certification of "Takenoko no Sato Day"
March 10th is "Takenoko no Sato Day"!

As the anniversary of the Meiji chocolate confectionery "Takenoko no Sato", March 10 was officially recognized as "Takenoko no Sato Day" from the puns of "3 (sa)" and "10 (to)".

On August 11, 2016, "Kinoko no Yama", a "rival product" of Takenoko no Sato, took advantage of "Mountain Day" and established the same day as "Kinoko no Yama Day". Seven months later than this, "Takenoko no Sato", which was said to have been frustrating, finally established "Takenoko no Sato Day" and was certified.

"Kinoko no Yama Day" "Takenoko no Sato Day"
Each anniversary registration card

In addition, from February 28th, a campaign will be held in which one person will receive one type of "Kinoko no Yama / Takenoko no Sato Original Smartphone VR Goggles" per day. This was made just because the size of the product packages of the popular "VR goggles" and "Kinoko no Yama" and "Takenoko no Sato" are similar. "I will think about what I can see."

Details of the campaign will be announced soon on the "Kinoko no Yama / Takenoko no Sato" brand site.

Kinoko no Yama / Takenoko no Sato Original Smartphone VR Goggles
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