Previously, the En-eating editorial department carried out a project called " I tried to make a'Yakuman'that can only be drunk at the Yakult Honsha." I made my own Yakuman in the editorial department and released the recipe.

However, after that, Mr. Yakult contacted me and pointed out that the recipe of the eating editorial department had some fatal flaws.

This time, we will show you how to make a "real" Yakult that we learned at Yakult Honsha.

■ What is the correct way to make Yakuman?

1. Take out Yakult and Toughman from the refrigerator
There are multiple types of Yakult and Toughman on the market, but the ones that are suitable for making "Yakuman" are "Yakult 400" and "Toughman V". ..

Yakult and Toughman V
Cold, cold, fresh Yakult and Toughman V

2. Mix Yakult and Toughman V
The ratio of Yakult to Toughman is 1: 1. Yes, the recipe we found was correct!

Mix Yakult and Toughman V
As expected of the dexterity!

But that wasn't the end. The Yakuman who just mixed it was not a true "Yakuman". So what was missing from the eating editorial department?

3. Inject love!
This was different. There wasn't enough love in the eating editorial department !

Inject love into Yakuman
You can see that love overflows in the blink of an eye

At the Yakult Honsha cafe "Cafe de Brasilia," the clerk infused love in this way after mixing Yakult and Toughman! Even if that is not the case, Yakult is a food for specified health use. If love is poured, this is invincible.

4. But is the taste really different?
Many people think so. Let's compare and verify! First of all, Yakuman with love.

Staff drinking Yakuman
Unintentionally, an editorial staff member who shouts "Good!"

Yeah, good! It's a lot better than the Yakuman made by the editorial department! As expected, the real thing is different!

Just in case, I asked him to make a Yakuman who did not inject love. How about this taste?

Try drinking Yakuman
Try drinking Yakuman without love

The taste is exactly the same as the Yakuman we made. This is also good enough. However, I have to say that there is not enough love. The fact that the tastes of the two are completely different is clearly reflected in the facial expressions of the editorial staff who actually compared the drinks.

After drinking Yakuman
Editorial staff: "What's so different ..."

This "injection of love" is a secret technique that can only be done by employees who have trained for many years here at Yakult Honsha. Unfortunately, the only way to taste the real Yakuman seems to be to visit Cafe de Brasilia.

However, if you live in a rural area and cannot visit the Yakult Honsha in Tokyo, you can enjoy the delicious Yakult with exactly the same taste as Cafe de Brasilia if you make it according to the recipe we published and drink it. is.

■ Direct Hit Interview- "The Secret Story of the Birth of Yakuman"

By the way, why did Yakult decide to make "Yakult"? We asked Mr. Konno, Yakult Management Service, about the circumstances around that.

◆ When was Yakuman made?

Yakuman first appeared in 2004. It was the year when Kosuke Kitajima, who won the gold medal at the Athens Olympics, left the saying, "Cho feels good." In other words, Yakuman's history is already over eight years. It wasn't made yesterday today.

◆ Why did you decide to mix Yakult and Toughman?

It seems that this does not mean that there is a chance of winning. He asked for something that would be delicious by mixing it with Toughman, and as a result of mixing various products, he arrived at Yakult.

Thank you to all Yakult employees for their cooperation in the interview!

By the way, there is one thing I was interested in in this interview. It is a product called "Toughman Float" that was talked about during the interview. It was a bit radical with ice cream floating on top of the tough man. It was released at the same time as Yakuman, but it disappeared from the menu after that. I definitely want to drink this!

So, next time, I will send you "I tried to make" Toughman Float "".
looking forward to!