Attention is focused on the health benefits of tomatoes, such as preventing metabolic syndrome and reducing fatigue. For a while, the tomatoes are so popular that the news that "tomato juice has been sold out at the supermarket" has flowed, but ... Finally, on August 9th this year, the "Kagome Tomato Juice Straight Pack" is directly squeezed from tomatoes. Will be shipped!

6 can pack!

With the 900g (31.75oz)PET package, you can see the smiles of contract farmers!

A straight pack is a limited quantity of tomato juice that is produced only in the summer when domestic tomatoes are harvested. It is said that it is made by squeezing ripe tomatoes harvested in the summer as they are and packing them on the same day without adding a drop of water. It's pretty fresh!

By the way, Kagome first released tomato juice in Japan in 1933 (Showa 8), and this year is the 80th year. In commemoration of this, it is said that the "Kagome Tomato Juice Reprint Design 3 Can Pack", which was the package used in the 1970s / late 1990s, will be released.

80 years of history here

This package is memorable (?) For those who have been drinking for a long time!

Check it out too!

Hurry to the supermarket before it sells out!