Speaking of tuna, it is a Japanese national dish. (Isn't it?) It's a versatile fish that you can enjoy with lean meat, fatty tuna, sickle, raw or baked.

Assorted nigiri, tataki, and tekka maki-Lawson releases "Tuna Tsukushi"
Southern bluefin tuna

Sushi is the most popular way to eat tuna and royal roads that Japanese people love.
I want to eat every day! This is an introduction to Lawson 's "Tuna Tsukushi", which is recommended for those who are addicted to tuna and can be easily eaten.

Lawson's "Tuna Tsukushi"

We use only fresh tuna, which is thoroughly temperature-controlled from the purchase of raw materials. It is a product that is irresistible for tuna lovers, assorted tuna that has good color and taste because it is fresh, made into iron-fired rolls, tataki warships, and nigiri.

I hate the combination of the three types. Wasabi is attached, so children can rest assured. The price is a conscientious 550 yen. You can eat it every day.


Also, from August 7th, Lawson will increase the amount of sushi currently on sale for a limited time according to the Obon festival. "Hand-rolled sushi" (natto, negitoro, shrimp mayonnaise, crab stick salad) will increase the amount of fillings by about 20%, and "assorted nigiri" will increase from 10 cans to 12 cans.

This "Tuna Tsukushi" will be on sale for 2 weeks only. I definitely want to try it during the period!

(Mr. Southern bluefin tuna and Mr. Maguro borrowed from Japan Maguro / Skipjack Fishery Cooperative !)