Japanese anniversaries have no special origin, and many are simply enacted by puns (puns?).

According to the Japan Anniversary Association , which registers and certifies anniversaries, January 5th is "Strawberry Day", March 3rd is "Ear Day", and May 6th is "Rubber Day". It seems that it is.

There is nothing without a twist. For example, January 9th is "Tonchi Day". It probably came from "Ikkyu". I feel that this area is true. But what about January 4th being "Stone Day" because it's too much? I would think.

By the way, July 10th is "Natto Day". If you have read this far, you may have noticed that this is also an anniversary established from puns. It is said that it is the day to aim to increase the consumption of natto in Kansai.

Lawson has started selling a new product with a nice name called "Mazemaze Sticky Vegetable Rice (Negitoro Natto)" for this natto day from July 3rd.

"Mixed sticky vegetable rice (Negitoro natto)"
It's a little embarrassing product name to order at the cash register.
Oh, rice balls. Please give me one rice ball! !! "

This is natto and okra, which are the standard sticky ingredients, with Negitoro added. Natto's vitamin B2 and Negitoro's protein are said to have a stamina-enhancing effect, so it may be good for a relaxed body due to the damp rainy season and the heat of the sunny days. Rice is a highly nutritious five-grain rice. It seems that it is targeting healthy women.

In addition, Lawson has been expanding its sushi menu using natto for two weeks from July 3rd.

Limited menu # 1: "Hand-rolled sushi squid natto"
Hand-rolled sushi made by adding squid somen to natto. You can enjoy the texture of natto grains and squid somen noodles.

Hand-rolled sushi squid natto limited menu # 2: "Natto Nakamaki (plum flavor)"
A refreshing natto roll with shiso plum meat from Kishu. It is thick enough to be eaten.

Natto middle volume (plum flavor)

The story goes back to the anniversary.

July 10th is also the day of the white beech mushroom "Bunapi" released by Hokuto. There are various anniversaries.

"Bunapi" to celebrate birthday