At each oyster bar operated by Human Web, a fair "ROCK OYSTER BAR" where you can taste "rock oysters" will be held for a limited time from June 4th to July 31st. The time is from 17:00.

Enjoy the different tastes of each production area
Enjoy the different tastes of each production area

ROCK OYSTER BAR is a fair where you can eat and compare rock oysters, which are in season in summer, by production area. It seems that more than 10 types are carefully selected and offered from the production areas of rock oysters all over Japan.

In addition to the "Iwao oyster plate" (4 pieces starting from 2,760 yen), the menu also includes a marinade-style appetizer "Iwao oyster and two-color paprika cocktail" (862 yen).

Excellent compatibility with white wine!
Excellent compatibility with white wine!

Iwao oysters are completely different in taste and size from the "true oysters" that are in season from winter to early spring. The taste is said to be "sea cheese" as opposed to true oysters, which are called "sea milk".

The stores that hold the ROCK OYSTER BAR fair are as follows.

・ Gambo & Oyster Bar Shinjuku Lumineest Store Yaesu Underground Store Futako Tamagawa Rise Store Otemachi Store Ikebukuro East Exit Store Chiba Sogo Store Mito Keisei Store Yokohama Sogo Store Lazona Kawasaki Store Umeda NU Chayamachi Store Namba Parks Store Mint Kobe Store

・ Fish & Oyster Bar Seibu Shibuya Store Fukuoka Canal Store

・ Station Oyster Bar Umeda Station Hankyu Grand Building Store Hakata Station Amu Plaza Hakata Store

・ Shrimp & Oyster Bar Akasaka Sacas Store Yokohama More's Store

・ Oyster Room Nagoya LACHIC

* All listed prices do not include tax