Marugame Seimen "Oyster Taman-kake Udon", "Red Ginger Tamago Ankake Udon", "Mentaiko Tamago Ankake Udon", "Tamago Ankake Udon

Marugame Seimen "Oyster Taman-kake Udon," "Red Ginger Tamago Ankake Udon," "Mentaiko Tamago Ankake Udon," "Tamago Ankake Udon" and "Nabeyaki Udon

" will go on sale on November 29 Some street shops will sell "Nabeyaki Udon" and "Nabiyaki Udon". Nabeyaki udon" will be available at some street stores from November 29.


Taman-kake Udon

Oysters grown in Hiroshima Bay have a strong sweet taste due to the water from the river and plenty of minerals and nutrients from the mountains. Oysters boiled on the beach are boiled in seawater in their shells as soon as they are landed, resulting in a fresh and juicy texture.

Marugame Seimen "Oyster Taman Kake Udon

The juicy, rich flavor and the aroma of the sea spread out, making it a perfect dish for the season when the cold weather is in full swing. The noodles are freshly made to order, so they are piping hot, and when served with the sticky noodles made in the restaurant, they are sure to warm your body and soul.

The soup will be on sale from November 29 through late January 2023. The price including tax is 720 yen for (regular), 850 yen for (large), and 980 yen for (special). No take-out available.

Beni Ginger

Tamago Ankake Udon

: Deep-fried pieces of red ginger "beni ginger baraten" add a rich and tangy accent that goes perfectly with the mild egg ankake. We also recommend using the "Kaori shichimi" (seven spices) on the table to add extra spiciness.

Marugame Seimen "Beni Ginger Tamago Ankake Udon

The egg ankake, which is handmade in the restaurant, is based on white broth made from ingredients such as Hokkaido kelp and selected bonito flakes, and beaten eggs are added several times to create a rich flavor and a smooth texture. The "kamanuki" noodles, which are served from the kettle without being rehydrated, are well mixed with the egg ankake.

The product will be on sale from November 29 through early March 2023. The price including tax is 580 yen for (regular), 710 yen for (large), and 840 yen for (special). Take-out available.

Mentaiko Tamago Ankake Udon

: The flavor and deliciousness of mentaiko (cod roe) and the spiciness of mentaiko (cod roe) in a soft egg ankake is unmistakably delicious. Dissolve the mentaiko in the egg ankake a little at a time and enjoy the taste.

Marugame Seimen "Mentaiko Tamago Ankake Udon

The product will be on sale from November 29 to early March 2023. Prices including tax are (regular) 580 yen, (large) 710 yen, and (special) 840 yen. Take-out available.

Tamago Ankake Udon

: The simplicity of this dish allows you to feel the flavor of the broth and the original sweetness and flavor of the tamago ankake. The recommended topping is "oroshi ginger," a free condiment.

Marugame Seimen "Tamago Ankake Udon

Available from November 29 through early March 2023. Prices including tax are (regular) 490 yen, (large) 620 yen, and (special) 750 yen. Take-out available.

Take-out items are only available in standard and large sizes. There is a separate charge of 30 yen per cup for the container.

Nabiyaki Udon

is a dish filled with eight colorful ingredients, including the popular shrimp tempura, which is carefully deep-fried one by one in the restaurant, meatballs, shiitake mushrooms, deep-fried tofu, hot spring eggs, crown daisies, white onions, and fish paste. The flavor of each ingredient is infused into the clean yet slightly sweet special broth, which is intertwined with the glutinous udon noodles.

Marugame Seimen "Nabeyaki Udon" (udon noodles in a pot)

The dish will be on sale from November 29 through early March 2023. The price (including tax) is 790 yen (ordinary). Available at some street stores. Not available at stores in Okinawa, Kyushu, Aichi, and Saitama.

Take-out is served in an aluminum pot compatible with gas and induction heating, and can be cooked and eaten at home.