I feel like I missed it completely, but this is the rumored "black black [sparkling]". Since more than a month has passed since its release, criticism of taste, verification of awakening effect, etc. are ahead of other gourmet media, soft drink bloggers, and caffeine junkie. Must be. Actually, I actually checked it, but there were a lot of articles. I'm sorry, so I won't introduce it.

By the way, in this article, which is a step or two behind the introduction of the products that the trendsetters have introduced, we do not imitate the stupidity of repeating the information that has already been sent. It picks up the essence of this product that they overlooked.

Please think twice.

Isn't it a little ridiculous to think of this product as a simple drink that just wakes you up?

"Black Black is drowsiness. Even if it becomes a drink, it is drowsiness."

Thinking based on this existing value, sweet . Don't make a quick decision, in other words, "don't rush".

――In itself, I think that "Black Black [Sparkling]" is trying to wake us up with its own body.

"(Don't speed up your decision ...!)"

The cases of "because of rushing things have led to bad results" have been piled up since long ago.

For example, the "large ward subdivision system" that came into effect in the Meiji era became a system that did not fit the local circumstances that deviated from the peculiar customs that rushed to modernize, and the Ryuzoji group who rushed to attack in the battle of Okitanaw retired. Was cut off and surrounded by ambush soldiers. In addition, Sun Ce, who hurried to control Koto, was seriously injured and killed by the defeated soldiers of his enemy because he performed a merciless purge.

The tragedy continues-Mr. J, who is extremely busy, hurriedly ate a dry fried rice for lunch and put an unusual burden on the gastrointestinal mucosa. Mr. I, who hurriedly lost weight and drastically reduced the amount of food, rebounded from stress two months later. Mr. C, who hurried to the conclusion, broke his engagement with his lover who had been close to him for three years. Rabbit who hurried ahead took a rest and was defeated by Turtle. Sean Michael Kerner, a superman in the US IT writer world who wrote an article and published 11 books a day, wrote only one book the next day, maybe he was tired.

--These are just a few examples.

Hurry up and get things done (although Sean Michael Kerner isn't blame ...).
If you are in a hurry, please drink this "Black Black [Sparkling]" to wake up (a spicy carbonated drink based on cola!).