Thirty-One Ice Cream "The Crush Soda

Thirty-One Ice Cream will sell the summer ice cream drink "The Crush Soda" from June 1 to August 28 (until it is gone). The reference price is 580 yen (tax included, price varies by store).

The Crush Soda

The CRASH Soda" is a very popular summer-only item that is topped with your choice of ice cream and is carbonated and ice-cold. The lineup includes "Tropical & Blood Orange" and "Melon & Blue," two cute looking drinks with two layers of color, and a variety of flavors to enjoy depending on the ice cream flavor you choose to combine.

Tropical & Blood Orange

Cute shades of orange and red. You can enjoy the tropical taste of refreshingly sour blood orange, pineapple, and mango juice. Recommended flavor is Rainbow Sherbet.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "The Crush Soda

Melon & Blue

A cool, refreshing shade of melon and blue. It is exquisitely delicious with just the right amount of sweetness and freshness. Recommended flavor is Popping Shower.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "The Crush Soda

As "drink and enjoy" ice cream for summer, we recommend the "Shake," which allows you to choose your favorite ice cream; "Poppin' Blue Soda," which is a combination of Popping Shower and blue soda; "Cafe Blast Mocha," which is an addictive combination of bittersweet coffee and chopped chocolate sweetness; and "Cafe Blast Cappuccino," which is a fusion of bittersweet coffee and vanilla. The lineup also includes "Cafe Blast Mocha" and "Cafe Blast Cappuccino," which combines bittersweet coffee and vanilla.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Shake", "Poppin' Blue Soda", "Cafe Blast Mocha", "Cafe Blast Cappuccino".