Asahi Soft Drinks "Wilkinson Tansan Zero Cola

Asahi Soft Drinks will release Wilkinson Tansan Zero Cola on June 7. It will be available in 500 ml PET bottles and priced at 103 yen (tax included).

Wilkinson Tansan Zero Cola

Wilkinson Tansan Zero Cola has a strong cola flavor with the crisp aftertaste of sparkling water, and was created in response to requests for the re-launch and revival of Wilkinson Tansan Dry Cola, which was sold between 2016 and 2017. The new product will be released with the same taste, but with a new name and packaging. The package design promotes the "ZERO COLA" in the product name, making it easy to understand that the product is "sugar-free" and "cola flavored".

Coffee flavor is back after a five-year absence! Why not pick up a bottle of Wilkinson Tansan Zero Cola when you see it?