Blue Bottle Coffee "Nola Cola
(Image source: Blue Bottle Coffee official blog)

NOLA COLA is now available at Blue Bottle Coffee, the official blog announced. It is available at cafes nationwide. The retail price is 660 yen (tax included).


Nola Cola is based on the chicory coffee used in Blue Bottle's classic "New Orleans Iced Coffee" menu item, combined with a homemade spiced syrup.

According to Blue Bottle Coffee, in the old days in New Orleans, Louisiana, the root of the bitter chicory herb was mixed with hot water and drunk as a substitute for coffee, and the coffee with the chicory root roasted is known as the local flavor, New Orleans style.

Blue Bottle Coffee also makes New Orleans Iced Coffee based on the New Orleans style recipe, and is called NOLA, short for New Orleans, Louisiana, by the baristas.

This time, the spicy flavor of chicory, the richness and acidity of the coffee, cloves, cardamom seeds, organic lemon juice, homemade syrup with cane sugar, and sparkling water were added to create a craft cola for a hot summer afternoon. It is said to have a rich flavor reminiscent of caramel, with a spicy aroma of clove and cardamom mingling in every sip, leading to a refreshing aftertaste with a slight lingering spice.