Doutor "Melon Yogurun - Hokkaido Red Meat Melon

Doutor "Taiwan Lemonade Soda" and

"Melon Yogurun - Red Meat Melon from Hokkaido" will be available at Doutor Coffee stores from June 22.

Taiwan Lemonade


Doutor "Taiwanese Lemonade Soda

Taiwan Lemonade Soda" is a drink that combines a lemon sauce made from Taiwanese lemon juice with carbonated soda and jelly, topped with sliced Taiwanese lemons. The brightly colored jelly made from pineapple juice and the sizzling carbonation make for a visually and texturally pleasing product that is perfect for summer. The price is 500 yen for an M size (tax included, same below).

Melon Yogurun

- Hokkaido red melon

Doutor "Melon Yogurun - Hokkaido Red Meat Melon

Melon Yogurun ~Hokkaido Red Melon~ is a new drink that combines the yogurt-flavored frozen drink "Yogurun" with a sauce made from the flesh of Hokkaido red melons. The aroma of the melon sauce and the freshness of the Yogurun make this frozen drink perfect for the hot season. Prices start at 490 yen for an S size.