Euglena (Japanese name Euglena), a type of algae that is attracting attention as being rich in nutrients. Food sales corners using this Euglena have been set up at Ito-Yokado stores nationwide from April 15th.

A collection of foods containing Euglena!
A collection of foods containing Euglena!

This initiative uses "Euglena from Ishigaki" produced and sold by Euglena Co., Ltd. to develop and sell products in collaboration with food manufacturers such as Kagome. As the first step, 9 products from 8 companies are being developed. It is said that this is the first time that multiple items of euglena-containing foods have been rolled out nationwide.

Kagome "Ishigaki Island's Blessing 15 Vegetables with Euglena" is Japan's first vegetable drink with euglena. Calbee's vegetable snack "Ishigakijima's blessing euglena-containing veggie-eating green vegetables" and Bourbon's cracker "Ishigakijima's blessing euglena-containing cracker" are also Japan's first products, both of which are Ito-Yokado originals.

In addition, various items of euglena-containing products such as Nagatanien's instant miso soup "Euglena miso soup" and RIKEN vitamin "Euglena-containing wakame soup" are collected.

Ito-Yokado and Euglena want to continue product development and sales with the cooperation of other manufacturers.